Copa Sponsor of Kia Football Academy

Amadeh Laziz Company under management of Dr. Alinasr Naraghi will be sponsor of Kia Football Academy for one year and will do its best for growth and development of the children team below 11 years old. 1 Kia Football Academy Mehdi Mahdavi Kia the ex- Iranian footballist who has one decade of playing records in German leagues, after his goodbye to football, managed Iran student team formed by Kia Academy. Mahdavi Kia formed a team which can make the football future of our homeland by and upon investment. The kids who exercise with motivation, play with motivation, when they goal, kiss their shirt with much love. This team is extract of best football matches between schools all under technical arrangement of Technical board (Mahdavi Kia and Ali Dousti) at coordination of Ministry of Education. 2 Mahdavi Kia started his work in this team by cooperation of Ali Dousti and participated in Cordial Cup of Austria. International Cordial Cup of Austria is famous all over the world for convention of football matches in children age groups. This year it is the first time that an Iranian team is participating in these matches. Between all 176 teams in three age levels of under 11, under 13 and under 15 years old, were attended in this tournament. Under 11 years 48 teams in context of 8 6- team groups competed each other and Kia Academy Team had 12 games which all were brilliant experiences for the team members who competed with the well-known players of Europe and the World, the player can make the future of Iran football. These games are convened in small football field and each team is authorized to use 7 players in team compositions. Friendly matches before tournament First event of Kia Academy soccer Team took place before Bezirkesaosoal. Then it faced Wacker Innsbruck and its final competition held before Canada Vancouver. Triumph of Kia Academy over Kitzbuhel Friendly competition between Kia Academy and chosen team of Kitzbuhel (the name of the district in which the competition was held), in this competition Kia Academy won 8-1. , 5 out of 8 goals were done by Yadegar Rostami and in preparatory meeting achieved five over three victories before Canada Vancouver team.3 Five Preparatory Games to Enter the Next Level In preparatory level of the competitions which was held in Europe Kia Team played in five games and in this stage of the competitions, 48 teams were present and it was held in 8 groups. Kia Team placed first in its own group by achieving 13 points and become the top team, Finnish team placed second; they were placed among the top 16 teams and paved their path to the semi-final competitions. Kia Academy 4 – German Verigs 0 Kia Academy 2 – German Ounter Hakhing 0 Kia Academy 3 – Bayern Munich 0 Kia Academy 0 – Finnish Kupa United 0 Kia Academy 3 – Austrian Bzirkesavahi 1 In 1/8 level of the competitions, this team faced Hungarian Widtown FC Fehertz and became victorious by 4 goals and in ¼ final event defeated Stuttgart by 1 goal to reach the top four teams of these competitions. In semi-final stage it faced Bayer Leverkusen. 44 Kia Academy lost champion title through penalties The final visit of this team against Munich 1860 got equal within the legal time but in penalty kicks the German team got better and won 5 over 4 to reach the champion title of this tournament and Kia Academy Team earned the valuable second place and Netherland Ajax Team place third..6 Yadegar Rostami dazzled in Austria At the end of these completions Yadegar Rostami with 14 goals became the Goal-Man of the tournament and the best player. Mehdi Mahdavikia has given Asian Messi to Yadegar Rostami. If this team continues its professional education till its adulthood they can be soccer figures of Iran.7
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