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Elite is the main brand and one of the oldest productions of Amadeh Laziz Company. Elite products are manufactured by concentration on quality and health of families and under the most updated standards of the foodstuff in the world. Elite tries to make easy the cooking process in the kitchens by manufacturing high quality semi-dried and semi-ready products by preserving the flavor, quality and feeding value of the food and make it compatible with the today modern life. The Elite products family is as follows:
Various noodelite Bouillon cube Semi-ready soups
Elite Saffron extract Cup noodelite Elite child’s noodeltie
Cup soups Pasta Various semi-ready Ash and Lentile
Olive oil Elite Seasonings Various spices
Various seasoning Coating Mix bechamel sause
Noodelite Fried Onion Soy Protein
Bread Crumb Chinese Chicken Semi Ready Broth Powder Pasta
Elite Haleem