Dr. Naraghi Charity Organization

The Charity Foundation of Dr. Naraghi has been duly registered under No. 21805 in continuation of benevolent activities of Dr. Mostafa Naraghi in 2007, the family of Dr. Mostafa Naraghi have started their official activity in charity affairs since July 1994. This family inaugurated their first school names as “ Tahbaz Primary School” in Mashhad in 1998, unfortunately this school was inaugurated thereafter demise of Dr. Mostafa Naraghi. This school has been constructed in one of the most deprived regions of Mashhad. Several years after official registration of Charity Foundation, in late 2006 by expansion of building in this school, Dr. Naraghi Charity Foundation succeeded to establish Tahbaz Technical High School in an area measuring 5000 m² with 1400 m² infrastructure in two floors and also two sewing salons and hotel with infrastructure of 150 m² for each salon and at present it is active in four fields of Graphics, Sewing, Embroidery, Pharmaceutical Plants and Mushroom Culture. It must be mentioned that all the activities of this center is under supervision of the charity and all the charges are financed by this charity foundation, activities like purchase of stationery, sewing machine and necessary fabric needed by the poor art students and also the equipment needed by other educational fields. Our another center was opened in 1999 named as Kahrizak Educational and Training Center located in Kahrizak Old Aged and Handicapped House in South of Tehran. This center is named Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Cultural and Educational Center and some of the ceremonies of Kahrizak Institute, group classes, music exercises,….. for the art students are held in this cultural center. The other activities of this institute is construction, mobilization and opening the Technical and Vocational High School for the boys in name of Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Technical High School in 2002 located in Hesarak- Karaj, in an area of 5000 m² and infrastructure of 2400 m² as well as 100 m. Office/administrative area and totally 600 m² . The halls are constructed by cooperation of Papli Khalatbari Foundation. This school has four fields of electronics, electrotechnicas, drawing and auto mechanics. The charity institute also covers the said centers and has afforded all the charges and expenses related to their maintenance and management. The summary of the foundation’s activities are as follows:
  1. Child adoption plan: including daily food of students in the schools under coverage, cloths, tuition, enrollment charges and uniform
  2. Student’s scholarship
  3. Surgery and theoretical fund
  4. Donation of marriage trousseau