Actoverco is an integrated pharmaceutical plant concentrating in importation, manufacturing and marketing the generic quality medicines and the creative products. Actoverco is a fast growing company with expanded capacity for accepting the new medicine. Turning points in Actovertco History: 1973– Establishment of Actoverco by Dr. Mostafa Naraghi 2001– Establishment of Actoverco Group and its expansion to the foodstuff industry 2006– Establishment of Dr. Mostafa Naraghi Foundation 2011– Entry of Actoverco to medicine production arena 2012– Entry of Actouverco to supply of biologic products Mission We intend to supply the economic pharmaceutical products to meet the market needs and such products include the medicines with high quality and suitable price. Vision Our goal is stabilization of our position as one of the pioneer and leading pharmaceutical companies in Iran and it shall be realized by strengthening the economic partnership in development arena, supply of products and marketing as well. Values Our value fundamentals would ease our business in all levels including: Quality Orientation: We are committed to quality not only in products but also in the business processes Joint Venture: We do believe that joint venture is a key to success Integration: we consider integrity and accountability as main strategic features for all employees Agility: We consider agility as a required condition for contribution in the dynamic markets.